Offering a Range of UV Disinfection Technology in Toronto

Airborne pathogens can spread through your HVAC systems in facilities, including schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, and airports, jeopardizing the health of occupants. Given that pathogens can live for days to months, you need smart technology that ensures optimal indoor air quality and cleanliness throughout the facility. Toward this end, we are offering ultraviolet (UV) light technology, a solution proven to eliminate pollutants and particulate matter responsible for poor indoor air quality. Our UV light devices are engineered and lab-tested to kill bacteria, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), viruses, mould, and strong odours. Contact Diversa Smart Energy in Ontario to help you pick the right disinfection product for your application!

Delivering UV Solutions for Diverse Applications


At Diversa Smart Energy, we are helping our commercial and industrial customers in Ontario upgrade from regular HVAC filters to the highly effective UV disinfection technology. Your HVAC filters may trap bacteria, viruses, and mould, but they don’t destroy these microorganisms. As a result, they thrive on the filter material and many other unnoticed areas of your property, impacting the HVAC system’s performance and health of the occupants. The right dosage of UV exposure can kill the targeted biological pathogens in air, on surfaces, and even in the water. Give your customers or patients healthy air to breathe, safe surfaces that don’t put them at risk of contracting infection, and quality water that is free of viruses and bacteria.

Introducing an Impeccable UV Device Range


Powered by advanced UV disinfection technology, our state-of-the-art room sanitizers deliver effective ‘no-touch’ surface disinfection results. These devices are widely used for not only surface disinfection but also for air and water disinfection. At Diversa Smart Energy, you will also find a powerful UV disinfection range for applications, such as air disinfection, air purification, and coil cleaning in Ontario. We also have UV-based air disinfection and surface disinfection technology to help in the prevention of hospital-acquired infections and the removal of airborne infectious microorganisms. As a result, a healthy environment keeps your patients and staff safe, lowers absenteeism by reducing sick days, and improves patient outcomes.

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