Solar Film & Solar Panels in Toronto and the GTA

More and more property owners are choosing solar film and solar panels in the Toronto area. This is a smart and ethical choice. Solar energy is a clean, environmentally-friendly, and highly sustainable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy will never run out as long as the sun keeps shining.

At Diversa Smart Energy, we supply solar films and solar panels to Toronto area clients that are durable, light, and powerful in powering your home.

Food for thought: if we could harvest 100% of the sun’s energy for one hour, this would be enough energy to power the entire world for a whole year!

What is Solar Film?

Solar film is made up of photovoltaic material that is built onto a substrate in several thin layers. Photovoltaic material is material that can convert sunlight into electrical energy. The solar cells we carry have advanced CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) solar cell technology and can boast aperture efficiency ratings of up to 17%. This means minimal light is lost in the energy conversion process.

Why Solar Film in Toronto?

Solar film is lighter and more flexible than rigid solar panels, allowing them to fit onto a variety of structure types such as roofs, vehicles, carports, boats, and more. They are also low-profile and more aesthetically pleasing.

Under the Ontario Energy Board Net-Metering system, you can earn utility credits if you produce more power than you need and “trade” the excess energy with your local distribution system. Furthermore, if you generate enough solar power, you can avoid exorbitant transmission and distribution charges by going off-grid!

Solar Film for Transportation

Reduce emissions, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs. At Diversa Smart Energy, we carry solar film systems where a smart charge controller ensures solar energy is optimized and protected against overcharge and undercharge.

How it works: The charge controller prioritizes using solar power when your truck engine is on. When the engine is turned off, solar power charges the vehicle battery.

Solar Film for Lighting

Go completely off-grid but don’t be left in the dark! The solar film we carry can charge the battery of lights, such as street-lamps, for multiple days.

How it works: Shatterproof and flexible solar film can wrap around lighting structures and withstand 150+ mph winds.

Solar Film for Flat Roof (Membrane)

Installing a solar power system need not be complicated. At Diversa Smart Energy, we carry products with extremely powerful, flexible thin-film solar modules that bond directly with your membrane roof system. This means no need for solar racking, concrete ballasts, and roof penetrators.

How it works: Simply peel and stick the solar film! This system is designed for low-slope commercial roofs and areas with powerful winds and seismic activity.

Solar Film for Metal Roofing

Solar film available at Diversa Smart Energy are suitable for metal roofing because they do not need racking, are lightweight, and can blend into standard architectural and exposed fastener metal roof panels such as 7.2 trapezoid rib corrugated panels.

How it works: Peel and stick on the solar film and minimize labour costs. These are designed to be low-profile and wind-resistant and have an aperture efficiency of up to 17%.

Solar Film for Car Ports

Protect and shade your vehicle while lowering your carbon footprint as well as parking lot temperatures! We have modules that can conform to the curved structures of carports.

How it works: Another simple peel-and-stick system that is resistant to theft, wind, seismic events, and shattering.

Want to find out more about solar film? Contact us today to learn more about solar films and solar panels in Toronto and get started on saving money and the environment.

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