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Variable Frequency Drives and Variable Speed Air Compressors

 Diverse Power helps you with various opportunities to save energy on your property in Toronto with top-quality VFDs (“variable frequency drives” or adjustable frequency drives) for a range of motor-operated machinery and equipment, including compressors, fans, blowers and pumps, in industrial and commercial settings.

A VFD is not a complex technology but has a significant impact. With well-managed motor speeds and voltage, your machine lasts a long time, and with optimized motor controls, electricity consumption goes down 70% and further.

One variety of variable speed drives, VFDs manage frequency, voltage and current supplied to an electric motor. According to the way particular equipment works, a VFD adjusts its speed so the equipment consumes less power.

We help you find VFDs for all kinds of commercial and industrial applications, including heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning, air compressors, blowers, water pumps (circular pumps, booster pumps, etc.) and other small and large machinery.

Conserving Energy with VFDs

VFDs optimize energy consumption and bring down operational costs in many ways:

  • In hours of peak demand and high electricity rates, VFDs enable motors to start up with far less power. This, in turn, helps slow down the electrical system’s wear and tear (such as pumps and fan components) and extend motor lifetime. Thus, the VFD slashes maintenance costs.
  • VFDs help conserve energy by approximately 30%. Since motors consume far less power during start-up at peak hours, the figures on the electricity bill, including global adjustment charges, are reduced dramatically.
  • The main task of the VFD is to regulate electric voltage and frequency to change the speed of AC motors according to specific process requirements. Since the machinery does not run at a constant speed, electricity wastage is avoided, and the payback period is only up to five years.
  • Variable frequency drives offer a range of HVAC fan speeds to be implemented based on the building’s occupancy levels and room temperature. Equipment such as rooftop units can, in turn, cool or heat the indoor space much more efficiently.

To know more about how VFDs can help you, click on the link below to access our resource.

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