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Our solutions target specific lighting needs. If you’re thinking of switching to more efficient LED lighting, schedule a lighting audit with an energy specialist from our dedicated team. This will help you calculate energy savings.

Since you’re saving on energy bills and maintenance costs in the long term, LED lighting practically pays for itself. For an even better deal, combine that with our offer of no upfront costs (subject to qualification) and eligible government rebate programs offering financial incentives.

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Free Lighting Assessment

We offer a brief lighting assessment to help you better understand your current lighting consumption. The audit will provide you a detailed outline of the eligible government incentive and also an estimate on how much you can reduce your hydro bills. To view a model version of our lighting proposal, please click on the links below or speak to a team member:


LED Technology

LED lighting is a beneficial for large-scale enterprises, particularly manufacturing units:

  • Instead of waiting for the lights to turn on every time the plant is powered up, your lights come on instantaneously and eliminate lost time.
  • LED lighting consumes up to approximately 70 percent less power than traditional fluorescent, metal-halide and halogen bulbs.
  • The projected light is brighter, and the heat emanated is less. Thus one can save on the power bills one would have incurred in trying to cool the indoor space.
  • The new technology is cost-efficient because it lasts about ten times longer than conventional lighting equipment.
  • Combined with control systems, the lighting auto-adjusts its brightness according to specific requirements and proves to be an environment-friendly option that eliminates electricity wastage. Lighting control technology such as occupancy sensors, motion sensors and daylight sensors can even be integrated into bigger automated systems in large buildings.

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