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Backup Generators and Battery Systems for Uninterrupted Power Supply in Toronto

A typical battery system for peak shaving will have at most two hours of discharge available, Compared to batteries, a generator is the low-cost option - and unlike a battery, it will happily run for hours or all day if need be, helping you guarantee that no peaks are missed.


Natural gas fuelled generators can be run continuously if needed, providing the greatest adaptability as the peaks become more difficult to predict and longer curtailment periods may be required. Gas powered generators are also a lower capital expense vs. an equivalent battery array. They also provide better resiliency in case of emergency backup power and give the opportunity to capture heat; it’s easy to see why generators remain the most popular choice for peak shaving applications.

Backup generators and battery systems significantly bring down operation costs by reducing peak demand. The electricity consumer’s bill benefits up to 70 percent in most cases because Global Adjustment charges are removed.

Diverse Power has you covered with backup electrical batteries and quality generator installations in Toronto. Please feel free to read our resources given below to know more.


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