Interior and Exterior LED Lighting in Toronto and the GTA

Business owners across the country are upgrading their energy consuming devices to new technologies to save more than 50% on their utility bills. The government of Ontario is supporting energy-efficient upgrades in a big way with cash-back incentives and money-saving coupons. With energy costs on the rise, you may want to benefit from these savings. To help you in your endeavor, the smart team at Diversa Smart Energy will be there to provide you with LED lighting in Toronto. We offer a straightforward and cost effective proposal and response to your exact need to save on energy.

Why Install LEDs?

There are many benefits to using LEDs including cost savings and energy-efficiency.

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If you’re trying to find ways to save money at your business, cutting down on utility costs is a great first step. As lighting can take up more than half of your energy output, you should make the smart move to LED. Lighting Toronto for many years, Diversa Smart Energy offers a wide range of LED solutions for interior and exterior applications. Contact us today to get started illuminating your business in the most energy-efficient way possible.


  • Design service and lighting layout
  • Installation service
  • Government rebate – we work with the government to get you rebates you are eligible for
  • Financing; no upfront cost options
  • Warranty
  • Disposal of old lighting if needed

Save Money with LEDs: Government Subsidies

When we complete a project for you converting your property or office over to using LEDs, you get a rebate back from the government through your utility provider. Not only does this help cover the cost of installing the energy-efficient lighting, but add it to the savings you will gain due to using our products and you will pay virtually nothing out of your pocket! We will match whatever savings you will be making on the bill until the balance is cleared. Call us to learn more.

Interior LED Lighting Solutions 

LED lights are among the most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies available today. In recent years, their cost has gone down while their efficiency has gone up. LED lights are perfect for any indoor space, such as offices, warehouses, industrial plants, retail stores, and more.

LED lighting can save money for you and your business on overhead costs because of its eco-friendly and flexible design that provides cheery, bright white light. Illuminate your office space, storefront, or factory with ease by choosing LED lighting in Toronto.

Exterior LED Lighting Solutions

We rely on exterior building lights and other outdoor lighting to brighten streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and much more. Outdoor lighting at your commercial or industrial building is crucial to the safety of your employees and customers entering and leaving your facilities.

LED lighting is the perfect exterior lighting solution because it offers many benefits over conventional options, including:

  • Longer lifespan: Depending on their usage, LED lights have a lifetime upwards of 50,000 hours, which is longer than any other lighting solution. 
  • Energy savings: Offering more lumens per watt, LED lights shine brighter than other lights while using less energy. 
  • Durability: Made with environmentally durable products, LED lights can handle harsh weather conditions such as hail and heavy winds. 
  • Brighter light: Using a mix of red, green, and blue, LEDs create a very bright white light that is great for illuminating streets and parking lots.

Able to operate in extreme temperatures without the need for high voltage, LEDs are the perfect outdoor lighting solution whether for your backyard, a parking lot, or local roads.

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Financing Options 

Diversa Smart Energy provides financing options for qualified candidates to help finance the project through its energy savings. There is no upfront cost required, and the customer will remain cash flow positive.

The savings resulting from LED retrofits are so significant that most projects are paid back within their first year or two. LED lamps have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and require minimal maintenance. Generated energy and maintenance savings together with government incentives help pay off projects in a short period of time and provide added revenue for businesses from thereafter. Please contact us to find out more about the financing options available to you.

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