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Partnership with EnPowered

Leverage our partnership with EnPowered to pay for your lighting solution with your future savings.

Keep Your Cash

Transitioning to energy-efficient solutions should not prevent you from accomplishing your core business priorities. Pay for your lighting solution with future energy savings, and keep your budget for business growth initiatives.

Sample Repayment Structure

Time Is Expensive

Until you proceed with your energy efficiency projects, every utility bill your business pays is higher than it could be. Meanwhile, inflation and rising interest rates are adding to the price you’ll pay for assets. Until you prioritize energy efficiency, you will lose significant savings.

Don’t pay over time – save over time. With Payments, you will put your energy projects to work today, and repay your assets as you generate savings, with no upfront costs.

cost of waiting bar graph

Why Place Payments On-bill?

The energy industry is complex. Repaying your energy projects on the electricity bill will allow you to streamline billing to show all energy costs and savings in the same place. This will empower you to identify new ways to save on energy, and provide you the payment option to make those savings happen.

If you are not interested in paying on-bill, EnPowered will support you with traditional repayment services. However, you will miss out on the full benefit of our Payments solution.

Talk to us about payments, and get approved in three easy steps:

  1. Submit your project to Diverse Power.
  2. Complete and submit application documents.
  3. Get approved, and start saving!


For more information about how to start your energy projects now, contact us at

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