energy efficiency

Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

Your building, be it your home or your office space, has the potential to be much more energy efficient than it is right now. We at Diversa Smart Energy make it our mission to ensure that everyone out there has the information they need to make their work or living space just a little bit greener. Let our team of trained professionals let you in on a few tips that will make your building more energy efficient for the coming year.

1. Determine your energy needs from the ground up

When it comes to figuring out how much energy is required to make your building run smoothly, many people have the mentality of starting with their maximum output. This is a terrible mindset. In order to waste as little energy as possible, you should always measure your requirements from the ground up. That is to say, start low and adjust accordingly. For example, instead of setting your thermostat to the maximum temperature when it’s cold out, you could start it on a lower setting and raise it little by little until you reach a comfortable temperature. Likewise, instead of keeping all lights on in the building, keep them switched off until they’re needed.

2. Use certified equipment
When buying equipment for your building, always look for pieces with the highest energy efficiency. Look for the Energy Star logo when shopping for appliances, computers, windows and much more. Energy Star certified equipment can use anywhere from 30 to 60% less power than their less efficient counterparts.

3. Install LED lighting
Updating your fixtures to LED lights can reduce your energy consumption by close to 75%. To sweeten the deal, you can even install sensors in hallways, conference rooms and bathrooms that will automatically shut the lights off if they don’t detect anyone in the room. This will help you cut down even more on your energy consumption! For LED retrofit lighting in Toronto, Diversa Smart Energy is always the right choice.

4. Use the right kind of insulation
Having the right kind of insulation for your building is a key factor in increasing your energy efficiency as a whole. Make sure that your building is properly insulated and as airtight as possible. A properly insulated building will help keep the heat in during the winter, and the heat out during the summer. This will result in using less energy to heat or cool your building in the winter and summer. 

For energy saving lighting solutions, Diversa Smart energy, your LED lighting company in Toronto, can help. Visit us here for more information regarding our products and services.